Texting A Girl Well: Strategies For 4 Common Texting Situations

texting a girl

We’ve explored how to text a girl and what to text her; now it’s time we look at the various scenarios you might run into.

Let’s review the guidelines for texting a girl:

  • Keep it simple (don’t over-text)

  • Don’t text yourself attractive (you will screw it up and come off as “weird”)

  • The only objective of texting is to get a reply, then a date

  • Match the time and length of her responses

  • A text should show personality and curiosity – but not too much

  • Close (ask for a date)

I know, I know. You want to know EXACTLY what to say for every possible scenario. I get that not everyone is a skilled writer or good with women. But when it comes to texting a girl, so much depends on the impression you made WHEN YOU MET HER. However, it does help to be a little bit charming. So I’ll teach you a few tricks for texting a girl you can use today.


How to Be Funny When Texting a Girl


Maybe she’s asking YOU questions. This is good. It allows you to show a little personality without trying too hard to be clever.

But beware, even though being funny does show personality, it can backfire. Humor can be “misinterpreted” as “not a joke.” So it’s good to use one emoticon, like a tongue-out wink. ;P

Just don’t overdo the emotes.

texting a girl

See, here you can show a little personality. I pretended to be Batman, and she liked it. Now don’t be tempted to text Batman jokes for half an hour. Use it to get a date. That’s it.

texting a girl

By not directly answering her, it shows a little personality. Since she’s investing by asking you a question, you can be a little bit silly. Don’t always give a direct answer. But don’t overdo it, either. Just get to the point. You have a personality, you’re curious about her, and you want to meet up.

When texting a girl, the best way to be funny is when the girl asks you a question. You can also be a little mysterious. But again, always aim for the date. Don’t text forever. Save that for after you’re dating.


Texting a Girl Who Isn’t Replying Quickly


Some girls won’t text back the same day or even the same week. So how can you re-spark her interest? Is it possible to text yourself attractive after all? At these times, you might have to break the rules of matching the length and timing of texts.

The sad truth is, if she’s not eager to text with you, she might not be eager to date you. But there is always a way to get her attention back.

texting a girl

(Three days later)

texting a girl

Notice I didn’t wait three days to reply? Because she’d likely forget who I am. She might not say yes, but at least you’ll cut her out and stop wasting both of your time.

A more advanced way to meet her is to invite her to a social event, like a class barbecue, or a club night. However, this won’t be a date. So it’s not recommended.

When it comes to texting non-committal girls who don’t reply quickly, skip all the small talk and get to the point. Sometimes they are just really busy, or don’t enjoy texting! They might say yes. And if they don’t, you can go out and meet more women, right?


Texting a Girl Positive Threads


Sometimes girls will text negative threads, or you might be tempted to go there. Never go negative. Always switch to positive threads.

For example:

texting a girl

Since she’s investing by telling me about her bad day, I’m going straight to the meet. Why else would she text me and share this?

As a rule, avoid negative threads.


Texting a Girl Who Repeatedly Says No or Ignores Date Requests


Some girls will just ignore your date requests or say they’re busy.

texting a girl

In this situation, she’s not saying no or that she’s not interested. She’s slightly interested but not sure. Or she’s actually busy.

When texting a girl who says she’s busy, offer an alternative meet. But place the ball in her court. This is so it doesn’t seem like you’re chasing. You want to have her invest a little of her energy and not leave it all up to you.

If a girl doesn’t text back, then you’re likely wasting your time.




  • If you’re texting a girl, try to use humor, but use it sparingly

  • If she’s not responding quickly, it’s best to go straight for the date-close

  • Always cut to positive threads