How To Text Girls You Know

text girls

Good texting can often mean the difference between a sex-filled adventure and a night with your PlayStation.

So, in this article, I want to help teach you how to text girls to achieve the best results possible.


Mistakes in Texting


Most guys spend far too much time trying to “text themselves attractive.”

So they’ll try to make jokes, build rapport, or seem witty.

Often, this backfires.

The reason is that “context” often doesn’t come across well in text.


Avoid Sarcasm


You want to say something sarcastic:

texting a girl

Now she might interpret Santa as being a fat old man rather than the bringer of gifts. Maybe you meant she brings joy to your life, just like Santa Claus. But she interprets it as you think she’s fat.

And then she ghosts you, and she doesn't text you back.

No bueno.




You can always use a tongue-out or a rolling-eye emoticon to show sarcasm. But using too many too often can come across as immature or silly. You want to appear like a masculine man, not a teenage girl.

Also, if she’s a foreign girl, things get even trickier. Perhaps your native language isn’t hers. Then sarcasm is even harder to follow over text. So my advice: don’t use sarcasm unless she asks you a question. Even then, use it sparingly, and perhaps with an emoticon – at least until you’ve become very comfortable with texting.

Remember, all these “rules” are just general guidelines. All rules are meant to be broken.


How to Text Girls – Getting the Date


All your texting is for one goal: to get a date.

Not to get to know her. Not to build trust and rapport, or generate attraction. Unless you’re using online dating, all of this should have been done when you first met her and got her number. If you are trying to build comfort over text, you’re moving backward.

If you haven’t slept with the girl yet, then you shouldn’t be sending more than ten texts before asking for a meet. More than that, and you become a pen pal – someone she can chat with when she’s bored, like a cell phone game.


What to Say in a Text?


So many guys stress out about what to text a girl. They’re unsure of what to say, or they spend hours deciphering the nuance of what the girl is texting them.

Unless she lives in a different city, or you’re spending a long time getting to know her because she has a boyfriend, you shouldn’t enjoy texting at all. You’re a man, right? Men aren’t supposed to love texting. So make it short, text a little, and get to the point. You want to meet up, or shut up.


Meet Up – Or Shut Up


texting a girl

To the Point

I use only the smallest amount of humor, and only when she asks a question. In my opinion, that’s the only time you want to be silly. And immediately after a high point, like if she laughs, you should ask for the date.


Be Specific but Fun


Don’t text her “Wanna hang out sometime?” It’s too vague. It’s too in her court. You want to be a leader and to be specific. If she can’t make the time, offer an alternative date and time or ask her when she’s free. If she’s not interested, this is how you will know – because she’ll never give you an exact date and time.

"Specific" looks like this:

texting a girl

This is how to text girls who are interested: to the point but slightly playful. Don’t add too much silly stuff. In fact, I’d say texting like this is rather advanced, and you should be careful when using humor at all.

If she’s not interested, she won’t agree to a meet. Heck, she won’t even reply promptly. Most likely, she’ll take ten hours to respond, and then with very little investment.


Is She Worth Texting? Ultimatums


So how do you text girls who aren’t investing? Personally, I don’t change the strategy. I don’t use tricks or tactics. If she’s not texting me back in time or giving me the investment I want (asking me questions or answering my date request), I just move on.

That, or I’ll give one last direct question before moving on:

texting a girl

This is an ultimatum, only to be used with girls who won’t commit to a straight answer or are flakey with returning texts. Use at your own risk. Some girls will get a little mad if you do this. They feel pressured, perhaps. That, or they’ll never reply. But I have used ultimatums and got dates out of it in the past.




Learning how to text girls isn’t hard. But you need to meet a lot of girls so you can practice.

In general, don’t try to text yourself attractive because sarcasm and humor can easily come off as weird. Keep the texting short, and aim for a meet-up as soon as possible. Just a little bit of banter, then close.

If you did everything right when you initially met her in real life, getting a date shouldn’t be hard. And if she doesn’t respond enthusiastically to your messages, go meet more women.

Good luck.