wayne foster

Hey, I'm Wayne.

Professional pole vaulter and part-time giraffe whisperer.

Just kidding. I'm a dating coach with a specialty in the written word. Texting, online messaging, creating profiles. It's what I'm best at. I make a living as a freelance writer and my skill with words helps me do well for myself with women too.

I got my start in dating by helping friends craft the messages they sent to girls. A few friends got such stark differences when I wrote their messages they had me writing everything they sent. I took the opportunity to scroll through their past messages to women (they didn't mind). What I saw appalled me and made me want to start this site as a service to humankind.

We need better texters. Guys need to be better at this. Women don't want to get all these horrible texts. You can put so many more smiles on girls' faces and get so many more dates if you learn to write a little better. If you learn to plan a little better what you'll send. It's not a lot of extra work, but it makes a big difference to your dating life and that of the women you talk to.

Use this website. The articles are free. I have a few recommendations and links to other resources I like that'll help you too.

Above all, keep in mind: texting should be simple. If you're writing novels for women, you're texting wrong. If women are getting bored and dropping off a lot with you, you're texting wrong.

Keep it simple. Make it fun! And give women a reason to come out and see you. It only takes a few sharp words to do it.