If A Girl Doesn't Text Back, Use THESE Texts... Or Wait It Out

girl doesn't text back

What do you do when a girl doesn’t text back? Scream? Smash your phone? Send her an ultimatum?

First off, what does "wrong" look like?

Hi Alice. Just so you know, you missed out on dating a really nice guy. We could have been something special. But you SCREWED UP!

Not good. It makes you sound like a psychopathic loser.

I understand what you feel like. You finally met this super hot lady, and the girl doesn’t text back. You have a connection, there was a strong attraction, and she won’t even reply? Why?

Why won’t she text back?

  • She’s on her period
  • She lost her phone
  • She fell asleep
  • She’s with her boyfriend
  • She’s not interested
  • Alien invasion

The truth is, you don’t know why the girl doesn’t text back because you’re not magic. You can’t read minds, so there’s not much reason to worry about it.

How To Text Girls You Know

text girls

Good texting can often mean the difference between a sex-filled adventure and a night with your PlayStation.

So, in this article, I want to help teach you how to text girls to achieve the best results possible.


Mistakes in Texting


Most guys spend far too much time trying to “text themselves attractive.”

Texts To Send A Girl That She CAN'T Ignore

texts to send a girl

What texts to send a girl?

For this article, I’m going to break down texting into three stages: the open, middle, and close.

But let’s step back a bit. Before we send our first opening text, we need to make sure we nailed a few things in the initial, real-life meeting.

If you’re looking for online dating advice, that’s a different article. This is advice for how to text girls you met in real life already.

Say you approached a pretty girl, it went great, and you asked, “So what’s your number?”

She agrees and gives you her contact (the number), then when you text her your opener, she replies, “Who is this?”

Ouch. An easy fix is to send the first text immediately after meeting her (in real life), with something including your name and where you met. So my first text is usually “Wayne, from the mall.” Then, if she ever forgets who you are, it’s right there in her text history. This saves some embarrassment for her. I send this text approximately five to ten minutes after meeting her.

Now let’s get on to texts to send a girl.

Texting A Girl Well: Strategies For 4 Common Texting Situations

texting a girl

We’ve explored how to text a girl and what to text her; now it’s time we look at the various scenarios you might run into.

Let’s review the guidelines for texting a girl:

  • Keep it simple (don’t over-text)

  • Don’t text yourself attractive (you will screw it up and come off as “weird”)

  • The only objective of texting is to get a reply, then a date

  • Match the time and length of her responses

  • A text should show personality and curiosity – but not too much

  • Close (ask for a date)

I know, I know. You want to know EXACTLY what to say for every possible scenario. I get that not everyone is a skilled writer or good with women. But when it comes to texting a girl, so much depends on the impression you made WHEN YOU MET HER. However, it does help to be a little bit charming. So I’ll teach you a few tricks for texting a girl you can use today.

What To Text A Girl (To Get Her Out On A Date!)

what to text a girl

When learning how to text girls, rather than asking “What to text a girl?” you should ask “What NOT to text a girl?”

I follow this rule: “Less is more.” That means keeping text messages short and to the point. Don’t write novels through text.

Remember, the whole idea is to get her to meet with you. Once you’re sleeping together, you can text her your life story and it won’t matter. But in the beginning, saying something “weird” could mean the difference between mind-blowing sex and never seeing her again.

How To Text A Girl In 6 Awesome (& Easy) Steps

how to text a girl

How do you text a girl you just met? Imagine you spent all week approaching girls, collecting phone numbers, looking for one that will give you her time, and you finally find her. What exactly do you say? How do you text this girl, anyway?

Remember this: there is only one ultimate reason to text a girl you just met:

To get her on a date!

In this article, I’ll teach you how to text a girl so that she will meet up with you again.